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Current version: v3.57

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Promote all your opportunities with your own downline club!


ReferClub Downline Builder System (RCDBS) is a complete set of scripts to create and maintain your own downline club website for any affiliate/multi-level programs that have referral URLs. Using it you can promote your referral links for Get-Paid-To programs, MLM programs, Traffic Exchanges, etc. Your club members get their own unique URL to promote and can replace the affiliate program IDs with their own, so that when other people join these programs, the member that owns the page would get referrals (signups) for them. If the member didn't enter the IDs for some programs then the upline IDs will be used. It can replicate any number of pages.

Need Referrals and/or Traffic to Your Site?
  • Your IDs will be the default - get TONS of referrals by adding new programs!
  • No advertising required - your members will advertise your site by promoting their replicated pages!
  • Put your own ads in all member pages by editing just 1 page!
  • + profit from member upgrades (requires the PaidMembers addon)
You can also use it as an addon to your existing site, it can be installed in any directory.

Some sites that use RCDBS:

Traffic Hoopla - 130,000+ members!
Traffic Tornado - 35,000+ members!
My Downline Club - 9,000+ members

  • Requires only Perl version 5, SSI(Server Side Includes) and sendmail
  • Dynamic self replicating web pages
  • Automatic addition of new signups
  • Members only area
    • Join programs / Update program IDs. Programs can be joined also from
      outside the members area
    • Real-time stats of both direct and indirect downline size
    • Real-time hits tracking for programs
    • Reset hits stats
    • Edit personal information
    • Delete account
    • Logout
  • Admin control panel
    • Search/Browse member accounts
    • Real-time access log with additional information about hits to programs
    • Send personalized emails to members in Text or HTML format
    • Download email addresses to file
    • Easy to use programs and categories manager
    • Reset program ID to default
    • Delete member account
    • Undelete member account
    • Backup database(remote backup or download)
    • Export database to ASCII format and import into MS Access or Excel
    • + most features of members area
  • Unlimited free flow-through of program IDs
  • Direct downline doubling* (optional)
  • Recent signups viewer
  • Automatically sends a welcome email and email to sponsor after registering
  • Programs listing can be split into multiple pages (inside and outside the members area)
  • Protection from registering more than once
  • Remembers referrer ID# even if not signing up immediately
  • Remembers member ID# in the login box
  • ID# and password reminder
  • Supports page personalization codes
  • Use of HTML templates to quickly customize the appearance
  • True sessions control - passwords don't appear as plain text
  • Can be installed at any URL/directory
  • Guestbook
  • Access counter
  • Free updates & support
* with this option enabled everyone's 2nd and 4th referral will be credited to referrer's upline, but direct referrals count will be increased both for referrer and referrer's upline.

Supported Operating Systems: Unix/Linux. Testing can be also done on Windows.


For a demo of the system please Click Here

Note: Email&StatsPLUS addon is installed.


Email&StatsPLUS - allows members to email all their direct downline once every X or more days and to view direct referrals (IDs# and Names).
Increases your site traffic and helps members to remain active. Click Here for more info...

PaidMembers - allows free members to upgrade to Paid membership and earn multi level commissions for referring new Paid members. Free members earn lower or no commissions.
Increases your site profitability. Click Here for more info...

StartPageRotator - allows you to run your own Start Page Rotator service for traffic programs.
Increases your site traffic and gives you more advertising space. Click Here for more info...


Q: What documentation is included in RCDBS?
A: Installation instructions, various information and tips about (using) the system, and information about customizing the appearance.

Q: Is it difficult to install it?
A: Absolutely not, installation is easy. In case you will have any problems, I will help you. The installation service costs $35.

Q: How much disk space do I need?
A: Disk space req. for 10,000 members:
      max. 50 programs: ~30Mb
      max. 100 programs: ~55Mb
      max. 200 programs: ~110Mb

Q: Am I allowed to modify it or add my own features?
A: Yes, but read the License Agreement

Q: What is indirect downline?
A: Indirect downline for a user (1) shows the total number of people on level 2 and deeper who have the user (1) program IDs.

Contact Info

Author: Gustavs Avotins

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Price list:
single license: $135 - a Great Deal!
two licenses: $230 ($40 discount)
three licenses: $325 ($80 discount)

License Agreement - PLEASE READ!

This license agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual, company or a single entity) and Gustavs Avotins(the author) for the computer software product 'ReferClub Downline Builder System'. In case you purchase more than one license, it is valid for each license separately.

1. All copyrights to software are exclusively owned by the author - Gustavs Avotins.
2. This is not free software, unauthorized distribution is prohibited, either in whole or in part.
3. You are allowed to modify the software or add your own features to it but unauthorized distribution of the modified software is prohibited, either in whole or in part.
4. You are allowed to have only TWO installations of the software at the same time, and one of these installations should be used for personal testing porposes only - other people should not have any access to it. To remove an installation you should delete all its files that are part of the software and all modified software files.
If you want to install more than one downline club (not for testing), you should purchase a separate copy of 'ReferClub Downline Builder System' for each additional downline club.
5. Reselling or auctioning of the software in any form is prohibited, including web sites using this software or offering it as other package deal.
6. Your license cannot be transferred to other person or entity without my written permission.
7. This software is provided "AS IS", without any warranties. Use it at your own risk. The author will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing the software.

I have read and agree to the terms of this license agreement.

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