Email&StatsPLUS addon for RCDBS

Current version: v1.84

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This addon is actually 2 addons in 1:

1) allows members to email all their direct downline once every X or more days
  • Members will have more incentives to return to your site
  • Members will be more active as they will get support from each other
Members will have a new tool, accessible from the control panel (after login).
Downline email addresses aren't shown anywhere - members won't be able to spam their downline with emails (use their own email software).
In case they have emailed their downline and access it again, before X days have been passed, they will be informed after how many days they may post again - they won't be able to post before this time.
In case X=0, members can send emails whenever they want.
Admin specified note (default: unsubscribe info) will be added at the end of all outgoing messages.

2) allows members to view all their direct downline

Members and admin will have a new tool, accessible from Programs&Stats page.
Downline report is displayed in a HTML table and shows ID's# and Names of all direct referrals.
Deleted members are marked with "ID# - deleted".
In case Direct Downline Doubling(RCDBS installation option) is enabled, members allocated to members other than real referrer won't be shown and additionally the following text will be displayed below the table:

"Note: Direct downline members count in Programs&Stats might not match with number of members shown above, because 2nd and 4th member referred by you (only 2 for whole downline) is allocated to your upline. However your downline will also help you the same way as you help(ed) your upline - you'll get free direct referrals!! And each of these new direct referrals will also give you 2 from their downline, and so on... !"


2) perl execution time should not be limited or the limit should be reasonably long. Ask your web hosting provider.

Includes full installation instructions. Free updates & support.


The new member control panel
(without the StartPageRotator):

Email Downline
Account Info

Email Downline tool:

Email to direct downline

Status: Allowed

Note: you can use personalization code %NAME% in subject and message
(%NAME% will be replaced with your downline member name)

From:Admin <root@localhost>
Format:Text HTML

After clicking the 'Send' button please wait until the process completes!

Other status examples:

1) 3 days remaining before you may post again!
2) 1 day remaining before you may post again!
3) You have no downline!

Link to show direct downline:

Welcome, Admin!

Your Downline

direct: 4 members, indirect: 2 members

Direct downline report:

Your direct downline

8Frank Chadwell
12Kristin James
14 - deleted 

Contact Info

Author: Gustavs Avotins

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